A concept suite of appliances designed to enable behaviors and experiences that lead to, and create psychological happiness and well-being.
The Wellness Kitchen was a realized by three ID interns under one design director. My role in this project, as one of the ID interns, was the design of the Aeroponic Growing Refrigerator. 
Year : 2022
Client : GE Appliances
Discipline : Industrial Design
Software : Solidworks
The Growing Refrigerator includes a door-in-door, water-efficient Aeroponic garden that brings visible nature into the home and provides peace of mind and control around what goes into one’s food.
The Induction Kitchen Table combines a traditional kitchen table with strategic cooking appliances in order to create a product that curates connection and sharing, as well as improved cooking functionality.
The Rinse and Soak Eco Dishwasher integrates an ultrasonic soak basin with a waterfall faucet and integrated hand sprayer into a standard dish-washing product.
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